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Inner Child Healing

1 hr

From £60

wim-van-t-einde-fAA-NKhBGZE-unsplash (1)
Intuitive Readings

30 mins

from £35

Energy Healing

1 hr 

from £60

Creative Visualization  & Meditation

30 mins

from £30

Working with the inner child brings great transformation through healing the deep,

inner wounds that we carry from our childhood and beyond.

Readings bring you guidance and clarity on your life’s journey such as career, love, relationships, health, work, family,

life’s purpose

or spiritual path.

Energy healing brings you in alignment to experience a healthy relationship with
yourself and others by stimulating deep self-healing on all levels; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual 

Discover your True nature and your soul's calling.

Creative Visualization and meditation allows you to drop deeper into yourself to
discover your true nature.

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