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I have over 30 years experience working as a healer and reader. In 1992 I started my business as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. I then went on to train in Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Psychology, Counselling and Play Therapy. This experience has given me some understanding of the human condition, alongside studying Tibetan Buddhism, which is about learning to be aware and present in daily life. I feel that these skills and knowledge have helped me as a healer and reader. 


However, it has been my own life experiences that have deepened my personal qualities of compassion, patience and empathy towards others.  That allows me to be present with openhearted integrity to meet others in their moments of pain, sadness, joy, confusion, and frustration and be a light in the darkness illuminating the pathway forward.

I have been giving readings for over 30 years, yet I still feel truly blessed and humbled to be working with spirit and the angels for the benefit of others, as I know that I am honouring my soul’s purpose to be of service to others in providing clarity and guidance in their life’s journey. Most people on the spiritual path have had a challenging life and I am no different. I remember vividly at 12 years old asking the angels why I had to experience all of these negative situations, I was told that it is because I am here to help others. This now makes sense, as I believe you have to have walked the path to be able to hold the light and show the way for others.



  • 1999 -Magnified Healing

  • 1998- Reiki Level 3

  • 1994 -Crystal Therapy

  • I have twenty years experience of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.

  • 2003- Post Grad Certificate in Play Therapy PTUK Christchurch University

  • 2002 -Post Grad Certificate in Counselling Skills UWE.Bristol

  • 2001- BSc (Hons) Psychology and Health Science UWE. Bristol

  • 1992 -Diploma Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist Shirley Price Ltd

  • 1991- Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology I.T.E.C

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About Me


I am a natural born energy healer, clairvoyant and medium. I have also been gifted with being clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant what this means it that I am able to receive information from spirit, the angels and my guides through sight, hearing, feeling and knowing.

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